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Our Story

Maximum Child LLC operates one Christian learning center and one private school. Maximum Child Learning Center offers full-day child care, preschool and 4K in Boiling Springs South Carolina. Our Early Learning Programs provide children ages 6 weeks to 4 years old new and exciting learning opportunities daily. Our classrooms take pride in implementing curriculum such as, language, science, patriotism, next-step readiness and art. Your child will learn through play and amidst all the learning fun there is a strong Bible-based character-building foundation. In addition, we believe in encouraging brain building academics such as memorization of songs and rhymes which research has proven to be an excellent strategy for development of cognitive skills needed for enhanced learning. We are committed to extending free play times in learning centers everyday day because that is how children learn. Play is a research-based proven approach to fostering high levels of early learning, sustained cognitive development, social skills and emotional intelligence.

1/2 day 4K, full-day 5K and grades 1-6 are offered at Maximum Elementary:

Maximum Elementary @ LifeSpring, is a member of American Association of Christian Schools (AACS) and South Carolina Association of Christian Schools (SCACS). The school is located at 1641 Old Furnace Road in Boiling Springs, SC. Utilizing Accelerated Christian Education PACES, a system internationally recognized for excellence in education, 1st-6th grade students move through 5 core subjects at their own pace and reading level. 4 & 5 year-old students enjoy learning from ABC's with ACE & Christie, a school readiness, phonics-based program. We start each day with an inspirational and patriotic chapel program and frequent move-about breaks keep students engaged and learning throughout their school day.



  • The home is the most important factor in a child's development.

  • Each child and family has dignity and worth and a need to be accepted for who they are.


  • It is important to meet each child's needs for physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth.


  • Children deserve a nurturing, safe, and happy environment which promotes their natural curiosity and desire to learn.


  • Children deserve teachers who are capable and caring and whose values enable them to be excellent role models.

Our Mission

Maximum Child exists as a platform for programs that demonstrates God's love to children and families through the provision of high-quality care and education in a nurturing, professional and enjoyable environment.



Providing challenging learning environments that encourage success through developmentally appropriate instruction that supports individual differences and learning styles.

Focusing on Bible-based character-building curriculum that highlights taking care of our world and each other.

Using daily patriotic activities that highlight respect for the flag and enthusiasm for American patriotic music.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Children who attend a Maximum child program will come to know that they were created by God; that He thinks they are very special and that He loves them very much.

Our Affiliation

Maximum child is affiliated with LifeSpring Church in Boiling Springs, SC. The children who attend Maximum Child Learning Centers are invited each year to participate in LifeSpring's Easter Egg Hunt, Vacation Bible School and Chistmas Eve Service. Families are invited to attend Sunday Morning Worship and/or any other Bible Study or activity of the church. A streamlined registration process is in place for any school-age sibling to attend the Christmas Camps, Spring Break Camps and/or Summer Camp at LifeSpring Church.

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