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Private School & Afterschool

School age children love to come to Maximum Elementary @ LifeSpring because of our fun activities, frequent move-about breaks, self-paced curriculum and caring teachers. Parents love us because there is hardly ever homework and that we enhance their educational experiences through hands-on activities that reinforce what the children learn in their PACES.

Inspirational and patriotic chapel gets every school day off to a great start. A positive atmosphere continues throughout the day as children feel safe, loved and teachers provide routine, structure and encouragement to do their best.

We partner with Maximum child to provide public school pick up at 2:00PM from Boiling Springs, Sugar Ridge and Oakland Elementary.

After-school programming offers hands-on activities, fun songs and games that are always age appropriate.

The after-school program is at the Maximum Elementary @ LifeSpring facility which is located at 1641 Old Furnace Rd. Boiling Springs SC.

Closing time is 5:30PM

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