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Private School & Afterschool

Private school, homeschool, hybrid, afterschool & summer camp

We've got the program that works best for your preschool to 8th grade children. Kids love to come full-time to Maximum Christian School or part-time on the homeschool hybrid schedule. Our fun activities, frequent move-about breaks, self-paced curriculum and caring teachers keep learners actively engaged throughout the school day.

Parent love us because there is hardly ever homework and we enhance their educational experiences with hands-on enrichment classes, Bible class and social activities that reinforce critical thinking skills and a Biblical worldview.

Inspirational and patriotic chapel gets every school day off to a great start. A positive atmosphere continues throughout the day as children feel safe, loved and teachers provide routine, structure and encouragement to do their best.

We provide public school pick up at 2:00PM from Shoally Creek, Libertas and Oakland Elementary Schools.

After-school programming offers a full gymnasium, hands-on activities, fun songs, Bible lesson and games that are always age appropriate.

Your one-stop state approved education provider:

Maximum Christian School

565 Berry Road Boiling Springs SC

Closing time is 5:30PM

We are an approved education provider that can receive the SC school choice scholarship.

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