The Learning Center Model of Education

Safe, Flexible, Individualized Learning

  • Personalized curriculum (called PACES) that fits where the student is on each subject.

  • Opportunity to move through curriculum at the student's own pace.

  • Social/emotional interaction with other students

  • Frequent move about breaks.

  • A nutritious lunch is provided.

  • Incentive programs that children enjoy

Special COVID-19 considerations

We are pleased to be a part of your family's safety plan that will minimize exposure of your children to the COVID-19 virus.

  • Communal exposure is limited to the few students enrolled in the learning center.

  • This is a safe, controlled transition from family quarantine to educational setting.

  • Students will remain in one area throughout the day.

  • Time will be allotted for safe transitioning from in and out of the building.

  • Homework will only be required if the student does not complete their assigned daily work.

  • No staggered attendance schedule to keep track of. 

    • The learning center will be open to all enrolled children M-F from 7:30AM to 3:30PM

  • Family schedules that work best for an 8:00AM drop off is fine.

  • Your child will be marked tardy if not in attendance by 8:01AM.

  • Family schedules that work best for pick up between noon and 2:30PM is fine.

  • Your child will be marked present for a full day on any day that they attend a minimum of 4 hours.

In the Event of a COVID-19 Diagnosis of a student or staff person at the learning center

  1. All families will be promptly informed of every risk of exposure about which the staff becomes aware.

  2. The Learning Center will remain open for those who feel safe to attend.

  3. Student work can remain on schedule in the home and accommodations for private appointments to score and test will be available upon request.

As our community continues to re-open and parents return to work, the Learning Center @ LifeSpring is a reflection of the ongoing commitment that Maximum Child has to the well being of the families who trust us with the care and education of their children.


Step 1: partner with Angela @ 1-864-612-0409 to pay $75.00 registration fee & instructions for online diagnostic testing.

Step 2: Student: Complete online diagnostic test to determine what curriculum to order.


Step 3: Parent: Complete registration documents linked above


Step 4: Set up registration appointment & bring:

  • $160.00 for curriculum

  • Registration Forms

  • Birth Certificate

  • Shot Record

  • EFT paperwork to set up $145.00 auto draft for weekly tuition payments.