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The Learning Center Model of Education

Safe, Flexible, Individualized Learning

  • Personalized curriculum (called PACES) that fits where the student is on each subject.

  • Opportunity to move through curriculum at the student's own pace.

  • Social/emotional interaction with other students

  • Frequent move about breaks.

  • A nutritious lunch is provided.

  • Incentive programs that children enjoy

As a ministry of LifeSpring Church, Maximum Elementary’s aim is to reach families for Christ, who then reach other families for Christ. At Maximum Elementary, we want to reach families by providing an excellent and God-honoring educational system that promotes the standards and qualifications by which we are called to live. In step with that, we believe that the best way to teach is in line with God’s holy and inspired word, the Bible. We believe that any environment can be a discipling interaction, and we vow to engrain the Word of God into the students’ hearts and minds. 



Providing challenging learning environments that encourage success through developmentally appropriate instruction that supports individual differences and learning styles.


Focusing on Christ centered curriculum that highlights the creation of world by God and salvation through Jesus Christ


Using daily patriotic activities that highlight respect for the flag and enthusiasm for American patriotic music.


Step 1: partner with Angela @ 1-864-612-0409 to pay $120.00 registration fee & instructions for online diagnostic testing.

Step 2: Student: Complete online diagnostic test to determine what curriculum to order.


Step 3: Parent: Complete registration documents linked above


Step 4: Set up registration appointment & bring:

  • $450.00 for curriculum

  • Registration Forms

  • Birth Certificate

  • Shot Record

  • EFT paperwork to set up $174.00 auto draft for weekly tuition payments.

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