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Toddlers and Twos grow, learn and mature as the teachers present developmentally appropriate lessons that include learning colors, counting and ABC's.


Our space is set up to provide opportunity for both organized group interactions and individual free play while learning to share, cooperate and communicate. Arts and crafts are provided to encourage creativity and productivity.  Teachable moments promote self-esteem, confidence and emotional control rooted in the timeless importance of family and friends.

A typical morning includes about 20 minutes of teacher-led circle time, 45 minutes of outdoor time and 45 minutes of free play. We serve breakfast at 8:00AM, lunch at 11:00AM and nap from 12-2:00PM. Afternoons also include indoor learning activities, outdoor exploration and a lite supper.

Kidz Day App is utilized for daily reporting. Upon request you can receive a daily report through Kidz Day App for your child's diapering and eating information.

We coordinate with you to potty train your two year old.

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