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Behavior management for teens

Common family fights can make you feel like you’re in a war zone day after day.

You can begin to feel more in control as you address the child with consistent when/then guidance:

When you brush your teeth, then we will read a story.

When you get your homework done, then you can play your video game.

When you have walked the dog, then you can play games on my phone.

Behaviors that require longer term commitments to be acceptable can be negotiated.  I can help your family learn how to negotiate, but it ends up sounding something like this:

When you go to bed at night without arguing for 5 straight nights (or how long you negotiate), then you can stay up til…… (whenever is acceptable to you)

When you maintain at least a  (insert your requirement here) average for a full nine weeks, then we will go to get your driving permit.

When you take you turn to clean up after supper without complaining for (however long), then we will talk about an allowance that will help you buy a nice prom dress.

There are so many exciting underlying principles to this method and so many others to share that will equip you to be the calm and loving parent taking charge to eliminate stress in the home.  You will acquire skills to replace screaming, threatening and bribing with training and loving and guiding your children. Before long you will be a family that actually enjoys being together.  Yes! You can be that family and I can help.

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