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Who are you trusting to transfer your way of life?

Education is not merely imparting knowledge in core subjects like math, science, or history. At its heart, the "education" a student receives is really about shaping their worldview and values. *

When we send our kids off to school, we are entrusting them to people and institutions who may or may not have your same values and vision for what is right and true. 


For example, many history textbooks emphasize the mistakes and shortcomings of our founders while glossing over their remarkable achievements and the context in which they operated.

This selective storytelling leads kids to develop a cynical view of America and, by extension, a lack of appreciation for the freedoms they enjoy today.


At Maximum Christian School we understand that history is a narrative that shapes our understanding of who we are, where we come from, and what we stand for.

We purposely present key events of history through a lens that promotes the principles of liberty and personal responsibility upon which our nation was founded.


We encourage parents and grandparents to take responsibility for the academic environment into which they place their children.


You can't afford to be indifferent to the "way of life" being transferred by educators to your kids. You don’t want them to be taught alternate definitions of morality and goodness.


Our work at Maximum Christian School has always been focused on providing resources that tell the truth. Not "his truth" or "her truth" or "their truth" but the foundational principles that have been historically proven to lead to the greatest degree of human prosperity and flourishing. 

Our curriculum is designed to teach kids the academics and to give them a well-rounded understanding of the past while helping them appreciate the importance of morality, education and work that shapes a peaceful and free society.


--- Call me to talk about how to make an investment in Christian Education possible for your children.  Angela Didway 864-612-0409


*core ideas of this piece taken from Connor Boyack, author of the Tuttle Twins book series and from

 G.K. Chesterton:

"The most important fact about the subject of education is that there is no such thing. Education is not a subject, and it does not deal in subjects. It is instead the transfer of a way of life.”

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